Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker I

Dr. Acep Unang Rahayu
Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung, Indonesia

Dr. Acep accomplished his TESOL master’s degree in Leeds University, UK. In 1995, and his Ph.D in linguistics from Padjadjaran University Bandung, Indonesia, in 2007. He has experienced in teaching English and research since 1985 and doing research in social, language and education matters. He has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students at government and private institutions. Since 1990 up to present, He has been working at Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung (Bandung Tourism Institution) under the ministry of tourism and culture, Indonesia. He has participated in national and international conferences as one of participants and presenters in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, England, Canada, Japan, and published many national and international papers. He is interested in local and foreign languages, communication, culture and humanities.

Keynote speech title: The Changing attitudes Of Indonesian Youths Towards Culture, Identity, and Language.
This study tries to discuss the study of Cultural in relation with identity and the use of  Indonesian youths language in communicating, especially in formal situations. This study focuses three main areas : (1) Factors underlying the changes (2) How the youths change (3) What affect the changes. The data of this study were taken from literature reviews and the writer observations and investigations. Recently, in Indonesia there have been some issues on communication barriers between older and young people. These take place at home, school and communal places. The crucial thing lies on the rare practices of their origin cultures and mother tongue languages. To note here, that Indonesia is a heterogeneous mix of various cultures, there are 34 provinces with thousands of local vernaculars, Bahasa is Indonesian national language. Our identity is constructed based on where we come from, language used, and cultural attribute. Loosing identity, culture and manner of communicating may cause problems. That is why it is important to solve the problem to avoid misunderstandings. The author’s contributions to this problem are as follows: explaining factors of culture, identity, and language changes

Keynote Speaker II

Dr A M Rawani
National Institute of Technology Raipur (India)

Dr. Rawani has received his M.Tech. in Industrial Engineering and Management from I.I.T. Kharagpur and Ph.D. in Strategic IT Management from I.I.T. Delhi in 2002. Dr. Rawani has produced four Ph.D. in the area of Management under his sole supervision and currently supervising two more candidates for their doctoral program. He has more than 32 years of teaching/research and administrative experience of educational institutes. He has delivered keynote/invited speech in international conferences in many countries like USA, Switzerland, Singapore, China, Mauritius, Dubai, Hong Kong and Thailand. Dr. Rawani has published more than eighty papers in International/National Journals and International Conferences. His areas of interest include Strategic Management, Flexible Systems Management, Quality Management and Environmental Management.